Course curriculum

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    Daily Recipe for P.E.A.C.E. - Positivity, Exercise, Achieve, Connection, and Empathy

    • P - Positivity

    • E - Exercise

    • A - Achieve

    • C - Connection

    • E - Empathy


Licensed Psychologist

Dr. Margaret ("Peggy") DeLong

Dr. Peggy DeLong is a clinical and forensic psychologist, known as The Gratitude Psychologist. She teaches people how to harness the power of gratitude and joy to live their best lives, even through difficult times. Especially through difficult times. She offers psychotherapy, a monthly membership, on-line courses, in-person events, books, and bracelets. Through her bracelet business, Peggy’s Midnight Creations, she is the designer of The Gratitude Bracelet, and other mental health/inspirational bracelets. She is also the author of "I Can See Clearly Now: A Memoir about Love, Grief, and Gratitude," and The Gratitude Journal: A 365 Day Gratitude Journey. Her upcoming book on finding joy in everyday life, even through difficult times, is coming out in 2020. Dr. DeLong also coordinates a weekly, year-round women’s walking group, where she combines her passions for bringing people together with being out in nature and helping individuals improve their mental health. An accomplished psychologist, entrepreneur, speaker, and author, Dr. DeLong feels passionate about connecting with others and helping them live their very best lives, even on the worst of days. When she’s not focused on her businesses, you’ll find Peggy with her husband and three children in the mountains, downhill or telemark skiing, kayaking, hiking, or mountain biking.