Course curriculum

  • 1

    September 2023: Managing Phone/Technology Use for More Happiness

    • Video Lesson for Your Phone is Interfering with Your Happiness

    • Basketball Video

    • Why I Refuse to Let Technology Control Me

    • Look Up From Your Social Media Addiction and Live

    • Five Crazy Ways Social Media is Affecting Your Brain

    • Summary of What to Do About Your Phone Interfering with Your Happiness

    • Growsheet for Your Phone is Interfering with Your Happiness

    • Resources for Your Phone is Interfering with Your Happiness

    • Habit Changing Worksheet from Gretchen Rubin

    • Addressing what Marie Forleo says is one of our biggest excuses - "I don't have enough time."

  • 2

    August 2023 - Five Daily Habits for Happiness and P.E.A.C.E.

    • P - Positivity

    • E - Exercise

    • A - Achieve

    • C - Connection

    • E - Empathy

    • "Growbook" for Daily Routine for P.E.A.C.E.

  • 3

    July 2023 - Healing Through Gratitude

    • Welcome to Gratitude!

    • Say Thank You Out Loud Before Your Feet Hit the Floor

    • Set Your Intention

    • Gratitude Journal

    • Appreciate Your Life Right Where It Is

    • Team Gratitude

    • Gratitude Inspired Questions for Self and Others

    • Doing Without

    • Remembering a Difficult Situation

    • Gratitude Visualization of a Special Person

    • Finding the Good in Painful Situations

    • Start the Day with Focused Gratitude

    • Grateful for You Chair

    • Write a Thank You Note

    • Appreciate Your Sensory Experiences

    • Use a Gratitude Bracelet

    • Engage in Random Acts of Kindness

    • Engage in Planned Acts of Kindness

    • Say "Thank You" Out Loud to Others

    • Sharing Gratitude With Others

    • Gratitude While Walking

    • Gratitude For Negative Thoughts Through the Flip-It Technique

    • Gratitude for What You Take for Granted

    • Gratitude for Gadgets and Appliances

    • The Hand Exercise

    • The Fist Exercise

    • The Open Hand Exercise

    • Gratitude Through Giving

    • Gratitude While Doing Chores

    • Keep A Gratitude Experience Jar

    • Gratitude for the Ordinary Day

  • 4

    June 2023 Fostering Resilience

    • Remember what you have overcome, create clear boundaries, maintain a positive view of yourself

    • Maintain an internal locus of control, be mindful of daily stress management, build meaningful relationships

    • Re-write your story, practice optimism, don't take things personally

    • Support others, Move out of your comfort zone, Gratitude

  • 5

    May 2023 The Power of Hope

    • The Power of Hope Video Lesson, 3 Growsheets, Meditation

    • Week 2 -Think About Hope from Your Past

    • Week 3 -Inspire Hope in Others

    • Week 4 - Examine Your Support Network

    • 5 Tips for Fostering Hope from Kelly McFadden, Special Guest

  • 6

    April 2023 Self-Care

    • S.E.L.F.-C.A.R.E. S for Sleep

    • S.E.L.F.-C.A.R.E. E for Exercise

    • S.E.L.F.-C.A.R.E. L for Love

    • S.E.L.F.-C.A.R.E. - F for Funny

    • S.E.L.F.-C.A.R.E. C for Connect

    • S.E.L.F-C.A.R.E. A for Achieve

    • S.E.L.F.-C.A.R.E. R for Relax

    • SELF-CARE - E for Eat Well

  • 7

    March 2023 - The Healing Power of Nature

    • Research Related to the Healing Power of Nature

    • The Healing Benefits of Hiking in Nature

    • The Amazing Benefits of Forest Bathing

    • The Benefits of Trees

    • The Healing Benefits of Water

    • The Awe Factor

    • Take Action

    • Payal Arora - Guest Expert (functional medicine and nature)

    • Monika Kumar PhD - Guest Expert - Sun Gazing

  • 8

    February 2023 - Addressing Negative Thinking

    • Addressing Negative Thinking Video Lesson

    • Week 2 - Music to Address Negative Thinking

    • Week 3 - Byron Katie judge neighbor worksheet

    • Week 4 Inspiration

    • Summary of content for negative thinking

  • 9

    January 2023 The Power of Relationships

    • Relationships video lesson

    • Ways of Fostering Closeness and Connection

    • Ways of Deepening Friendships

    • BE What You are SEEKING - "It starts with me."

    • SIMPLE Ways of Connecting

    • Chapter 8 Connect with People

    • Chapter 10 Surround Yourself with People Who Make You Feel Good

    • Chapter 13 - Create and Nurture a Strong Support Network

    • Bonus videos

    • Bonus Video - Robert Waldinger

    • Four Simple Ways to Foster Closeness in a Partner Relationship

  • 10

    December 2022 Chapters 31, 32, 33, 34

    • Ch 31 Maintain Perspective

    • Ch 32 Focus on How Far You've Come

    • Ch 33 Be Still. Be Mindful.

    • Ch 34 Dare to Hope

  • 11

    November 2022 Chapters 27, 28, 29, 30

    • Ch 27 Develop a Gratitude Mindset

    • Ch 28 Say Thank You

    • Ch 29 Practice Self-Care

    • Day 30 Do What Makes Your Soul Happy

  • 12

    October 2022 Chapters 22, 23, 24, 25, 26

    • Ch 22 Know What You Can and Cannot Change

    • Ch 23 Change the Way You View the Things That Bother You

    • Ch 24 Use Your Imagination

    • Ch 25 Smile

    • Ch 26 Be Goofy

  • 13

    September 2022 Chapters 19, 20, 21

    • Ch 19 Don't Take Things Personally

    • Ch 20 Forgive

    • Ch 21 Know that Tough Days Will Pass

  • 14

    August 2022 Chapters 16, 17, 18

    • Chapter 16 Do Not Compare Yourself to Others

    • Ch 17 Allow Yourself to Feel Unwanted and Painful Emotions

    • Ch 18 Journal/Write About Thoughts and Feelings

  • 15

    July 2022 Chapters 13, 14, 15

    • Ch 13 Create and Nurture a Strong Social Support Network

    • Ch 14 Speak Your Truth

    • Ch 15 Learn to Say No

  • 16

    June 2022 Chapters 10, 11, 12

    • Chapter 10 Surround Yourself with People Who Make You Feel Good

    • Chapter 11 Ask for Help and Accept Help

    • Chapter 12 Give to Others

  • 17

    May 2022 - Coping with Anxiety

    • Day 1 Deep Breathing

    • Day 2 Power of Your Words

    • Day 3 The Power of Nature

    • Day 4 Power of Your Thoughts

    • Day 5 Recall 2 Things at Bedtime

    • Day 6 The Power of the Reticular Activating System

    • Day 7 The Power of Music

    • Day 8 Body Scan/Progressive Muscle Relaxation

    • Day 9 Joy

    • Day 10 Morning Routine

    • Day 11 Movement

    • Day 12 Prescribed Worrying

    • Day 13 Control and Predictability

    • Day 14 Self-Care

    • Day 15 Gratitude Letter

    • Day 16 Read

    • Day 17 Coping with Lack of Control

    • Day 18 Clear Clutter and Be Organized

    • Day 19 Self-Compassion

    • Day 20 Cultivate Warm-Heartedness

    • Day 21 Tolerate Anxiety

    • Day 22 Avoid Avoidance

    • Day 23 Common Unhelpful Thinking

    • Day 24 Grounding

    • Day 25 Mindfulness

    • Day 26 Have a Plan

    • Day 27 Negative Thinking - the Flip-It

    • Day 28 Positive Affirmations

    • Day 29 Write Things Down

    • Day 30 Check In Every Day

  • 18

    April 2022 - FEELING Good Chapters 7, 8, 9

    • Chapter 7 - Sing or Whistle

    • Chapter 8 - Connect with People

    • Chapter 9 - Compliment Others

  • 19

    March 2022 - FEELING Good Chapters 4, 5, 6

    • Chapter 4 - Be Creative

    • Chapter 5 - Read

    • Chapter 6 - Listen to Music

  • 20

    February 2022 - FEELING Good, Chapters 1, 2, 3

    • Chapter 1 - Accept That Life Is Not Fair

    • Chapter 2 - Get Outside in Nature

    • Chapter 3 - Exercise

  • 21

    January 2022 The Four Agreements

    • Be Impeccable With Your Word

    • Don't Take Things Personally

    • Don't Make Assumptions

    • Always Do Your Best

  • 22

    December 2021 - Stop Doing These 4 Things for More Happiness

    • Stop Doing These 4 Things for More Happiness

    • Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

    • Stop Taking Things Personally

    • Stop Ignoring Your Painful Emotions

    • Stop Saying Life Is Not Fair

  • 23

    November 2021 Joy

    • Smile, write a love letter, go for a walk

    • Spend time in nature, give to others, put an event on the calendar

    • Make something, what are you grateful for, connect with people

    • Journal about a positive experience, create time for doing what makes you happy, at bedtime, think of two good things that happened that day

  • 24

    September 2021 - You Have the Power to Create the Life You Want to Live

    • Creating the Life You Want to Live - Gaining Clarity

    • Creating the Life You Want to Live - Asking and Believing

    • Creating the Life You Want to Live - Gratitude, Visualization, and Dealing with Rejection

    • Crafting the Life You Want to Live - Trust, Positive Affirmations, Taking Action

  • 25

    August 2021 Exploring Your Life's Meaning and Purpose

    • Reflection and Conversation Questions and Giving to Others

    • Connecting with Others

    • Creating and Doing

  • 26

    June 2021 Self-Care

    • Dr. Andrea Trombley - Self-Care and Breathing

    • S.E.L.F.-C.A.R.E. S for Sleep

    • S.E.L.F.-C.A.R.E. E for Exercise

    • S.E.L.F.-C.A.R.E. L for Love

    • S.E.L.F.-C.A.R.E. - F for Funny

    • S.E.L.F.-C.A.R.E. C for Connect

    • S.E.L.F-C.A.R.E. A for Achieve

    • S.E.L.F.-C.A.R.E. R for Relax

    • SELF-CARE - E for Eat Well

  • 27

    May 2021 - Self-Compassion

    • Self-Compassion Video #1 and 2 exercises

    • Self-Compassion Video #2 and 5 exercises

    • Self-Compassion podcast episode - Ten Percent Happier with Dan Harris -

    • Kelly Falcone and Self-Compassion

    • Self-Compassion - Interview with psychiatrist Dr. Jenny Colman

  • 28

    November 2020 Gratitude

    • Five Daily Exercises in Gratitude to Transform Your Life

    • Five Daily Exercises in Gratitude to Transform Your Life

    • Gratitude Delight Day #1 of 5

    • Gratitude Delight Day #2 of 5

    • Gratitude Delight Day #3 of 5

    • Gratitude Delight Day #4 of 5

    • Gratitude Delight Day #5 of 5

  • 29

    October 2020 Mindfulness

    • Introduction to mindfulness

    • Pay attention to your senses

    • Change up a habit

    • Engage in a craft or activity that involves repetition

    • Visualize a favorite day or place

    • Mindfulness during chores

    • Mindfulness while hiking/walking outside

    • Resources - podcast, Youtube videos, book

    • Create Your Zen Zone

    • Morning Mindfulness

    • Gratitude

    • Mindfulness Apps

    • Going Back in Time

    • Writing Thank You Notes

    • Breathwork

    • Deep Breathing

  • 30

    September 2020 Coping with Anxiety

    • Coping with Anxiety Video Lesson and supporting materials

    • Just Breathe Bracelet for You!

    • Podcast Suggestion

    • Live Training for Coping with Anxiety

  • 31

    May 2020 - Self-Compassion and Self-Care

    • Cultivating Joy - Do What Makes Your Soul Happy

    • Five Daily Exercises in Gratitude in Less Than Five Minutes a Day to Improve Your Life

    • Smiling - Possibly the Simplest Way to Cultivate Joy

    • Self-Compassion - Information and Two Exercises

    • Generating Positivity - Three Ways to use smiling, writing, and action

    • Self-Compassion Day 2 - 3 Meditations and "Self-Nudging"

    • S.E.L.F.-C.A.R.E. Day 1 - S for Sleep

    • S.E.L.F.-C.A.R.E. Day 2 - E for Exercise

    • S.E.L.F.-C.A.R.E. Day 3 - L for Love

    • S.E.L.F.-C.A.R.E. - Day 4 F for Funny

    • S.E.L.F.-C.A.R.E. Day 5 C for Connect

    • S.E.L.F-C.A.R.E. Day 6 A for Achieve

    • S.E.L.F.-C.A.R.E. Day 7 R for Relax

    • SELF-CARE - Day 8 E for Eat Well

  • 32

    April 2020 - Coping with COVID-19 and Living Your Best Life

    • April 5 - Finding Meaning in Your Life

    • April 8 Resilience tip #1 Video Lesson and Worksheet - Move out of Your Comfort Zone

    • April 9 Resilience Tip #2 – Don’t Take Things Personally Lesson and Worksheet

    • April 9 Resilience Tip #2 – Don’t Take Things Personally Video Lesson

    • April 10 Resilience tip #3 - Daily Stress Management Video Lesson and Worksheet

    • April 13 - Resilience Tip #4 – Remember All You Have Overcome

    • April 17 Resilience Tip #5 - Express Yourself

    • The Importance of Walking for Physical and Mental Health

    • Deep Breathing – A Simple, Powerful Exercise for Physiological and Emotional Health

  • 33

    March 2020 - Connecting with nature and Coping with COVID-19

    • Connecting With Nature Video Lesson

    • Resources for Nature

    • Weekly Inspiration – Connecting with Nature

    • The Power of Looking at a Beautiful Photograph

    • March 18 action for mental health - Gratitude Exercise

    • March 19 - action for mental health - video (or other) human connection

    • Comfort in the Predictable – Mental Health Tip for 3/21/20

    • March 22 - Unprecedented Worksheet

    • March 22 – Some Concrete Tips for Coping

    • Parent and Child Letters - Activity During COVID-19

    • March 25 The Therapeutic Power of Journaling

    • email march 25 - Be goofy

    • Being Creative

    • Daily Routine for Peace

    • Be Still – Quiet the Mind


Licensed Psychologist

Dr. Margaret ("Peggy") DeLong

Dr. Peggy DeLong is a psychologist, known as The Gratitude Psychologist. She teaches people how to harness the power of gratitude and joy to live their best lives, even through difficult times. Especially through difficult times. She offers psychotherapy, a monthly membership called FEELING Good, on-line courses, in-person events, books, and bracelets. Through her bracelet business, LOVE in a Bracelet, she is the designer of the Gratitude Heals bracelet, and other mental health/inspirational bracelets. She is also the author of "I Can See Clearly Now: A Memoir about Love, Grief, and Gratitude," The Gratitude Journal: A 365 Day Gratitude Journey, and FEELING Good: 35 Proven Ways to Happiness, Even During Tough Times. Dr. DeLong also coordinates the FEELING Good Women's Hiking Events, where she combines her passions for bringing people together with being out in nature and helping individuals improve their mental health. An accomplished psychologist, entrepreneur, speaker, and author, Dr. DeLong feels passionate about connecting with others and helping them live their very best lives, even on the worst of days. When she’s not focused on her businesses, you’ll find Peggy with her husband and three children in the mountains, downhill or telemark skiing, kayaking, hiking, or mountain biking.

Content Description

Inside Feeling Good...


So, what’s the secret to creating the joy and fulfillment you want in your life?

How do you create a life where you can find joy, even on your bad days?

How do you create a life with meaning?

It’s not magic.  But it is magical.

This content teaches methods of creating more:




love, and 

resilience in your life. 

Even on your worst days.

Especially on your worst days.


It’s self-healing.

It's personal growth.

It's doing the “work”, even on your “bad” days.


The good news is that this “work” does not feel like work.  Doing this “work”, you feel good in the moment, and you have long-term benefits.

How do I know??

I’ve lived it. I’ve studied it. I’ve researched it. I’ve helped thousands of people.

I designed wrote this book, Feeling Good, and created this expanded content from the book for self-healing and personal growth with you in mind.

This is for YOU if you don’t have hundreds of dollars for psychotherapy and other mental health services that are not covered by insurance.

This is for YOU if you want to FEEL more deeply at a time when you feel that the world has emotionally flat-lined.

This is for YOU if you want to FEEL more connected to your life and those around you.

This is for YOU if you want to make the most of your time.

All of my life, people have asked me what I do to be “so happy”.  Then when I give some examples, the response I usually get back is, “That’s easy for YOU.  You’re a happy person.”  The truth is, I am just like everybody else.  I am just like you.

I am fortunate that I stumbled upon some things as a young child that helped me. Things that became so much a part of my life that I did not even think about doing them. I just did them.

After my fiancé and father died within six weeks of each other in 1994, I still got the question, “What do you to be happy?  How are you not falling apart?”

The secret – I simply continued to do some of the things that helped me as a young child.

But I want to SHOW you that this is not just me.  This is for YOU, too.  So I back up all of my suggestions and ideas with research in psychology. As a psychologist, it is really important to me that I teach what WORKS!

So, what do I do to be “so happy”?  How did I not fall apart when my fiancé died?  How did I go on living when my father died 6 weeks later? How do I find joy and meaning in my life every single day, even on my WORST days?

It's all here for you in the book, Feeling Good, and in this expanded content:


Feeling Good with Dr. Peggy


Using what has worked for me since I was little girl, what I have taught my therapy clients over the past 21 years, and what has been backed by research in psychology – I  TEACH you, so you can be your own self-healer.

You're able to immediately implement these ideas, activities, and suggestions into your life for greater joy and fulfillment.


I get questions almost daily from people who want more out of life.  People who want more connection, more joy, more abundance. They continue to ask me what I do to be “so happy”.  And then when they hear my story of profound loss and how I was able to rebuild my life and have more joy than ever, they are even more intrigued.

And so am I, to tell you the truth.  So I am.  Because what I have for you is not rocket science. It’s not complicated.


It is doable.


It is enjoyable.


It is life-changing, yet so simple. But you simply have to DO it.


The good news is that’s is simple. Super simple.

Who wants complicated? Who has the time to go through hundreds of psychological research articles and books? I have taken care of all of that for you. That is my JOB as a psychologist. And I LOVE it! I LOVE incorporating this amazing research into my work to help people live their best lives.

I'm sharing information with you from my 30 years in mental health for you to learn lifelong skills to live your best life, immediately.

I share real-time issues that people are facing in life these days.

Topics include, but aren't limited to:


  • Dealing with difficult relationships
  • Coping with Anxiety and Depression
  • Ways of boosting your mood when you’re having a crummy day
  • Coping with disappointment, big and small
  • Finding joy in sad parts of life
  • Learning how to forgive
  • Feeling more fully
  • Living life more fully
  • Research-backed methods of addressing depression and anxiety
  • Loving more deeply
  • Developing deeper connections with those you care about
  • Fostering courage
  • Learning methods of self-care
  • Developing resilience

The power to heal and grow is within YOU.

That’s my mantra. And it is so true!

So let’s get started with some material for your self-healing and growth.   


That’s right – SELF-healing. Because the power is within YOU. I simply teach how to tap into the power within you.

And just in case that sounds a bit too “woo-woo” for you, this is backed by research in psychology. And who better to teach psychological material than a PSYCHOLOGIST!

This membership program is the best way for me to meet the needs of all of the people who come to me for help, wanting to know my “secrets”.

You will learn skills to last a lifetime.


  • Is there a cancellation fee?

    Nope. You can cancel any time. The only thing to keep in mind is that you'll lose access to past trainings and content.

  • Do you pro-rate a month if I cancel early?

    No, we don't. You can cancel any time, but we won't be dishing out $2 here and there. Use each month to its fullest!

  • Do I get to keep the material?

    Yes! As long as your subscription is active, you'll have access to all of the material, even material that was posted before you signed up! It’s all there!

  • How does payment work?

    Payment is a recurring (automatic) payment. You may join any day of the month. Automatic payment will be scheduled for the same day of every month. For example, if you signed up on December 28th, then your next payment will automatically be on January 28th. Should you wish to cancel, please notify me 4 days before your next automatic payment.